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Custom Siding and Flooring

If your siding has suffered wind damage or you’re tired of cleaning carpets or looking at cracked tiles, our contractors can provide the work you need. With more than 20 years of experience, Siding by Campos and Roofing in Houston, Texas, provides custom siding and flooring services to remodel the surfaces of your home. As a family-oriented company, we know how to get the job done for a low cost. Pricing depends on the materials and dimensions being revamped.

Before and After Siding


Our team can install a variety of siding types to accommodate your home’s current design, including your roof, as well as take your preferences into account. These materials include hardy plank, wood, and vinyl siding. You can also choose the color for a truly customized look.

Besides drastically improving the exterior of your home, switching to vinyl can save you money on your electric bill. Siding also protects your home from water damage so the wood underneath doesn’t weaken from rot. House cleaning also becomes easier; you can power wash your siding without chipping of the paint. If the benefits of siding appeal to you, contact us to discuss your options.


Our company installs laminate flooring and ceramic flooring. Simply changing the floor can give your home a completely new look. When you call us out for an estimate, we evaluate the floor and make suggestions and repairs. We'll suggest the best course of action, but ultimately, it's up to the customer to decide.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. If you're not sure, our expert will you pick out a material that will best match your needs and desires. Pricing depends on the material chosen and the dimensions of rooms. At Siding by Campos and Roofing, we guarantee our work.